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Pass Sheet Metal CSWP

Question asked by Leo Chua on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by Joachim Venberget

Finally, 3 weeks since i gottem my CSWP-Advanced Weldments Specialist, I just gotten my CSWP-Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist today.

After doing the test, i felt that it is simple and straight forward. the only problem encountered was the mold tools, because i did not practise on it and i also did not use it for my work AT ALL!

but i was lucky(i felt so) that i pass the test, and it is a JUST PASS! 110/145.

So I just wanna remind everyone who are thinking of taking CSWP SHEET METAL, please really practise on ribs, insert bends, and mold tools, and all the basic function for sheet metal.

And lastly, i just wanna share my joy to i had pass my CSWP-ADVANCED SHEET METAL SPECIALST!!!!!!