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Multibody configurations + drawings

Question asked by David Mayhew on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2011 by Alin Vargatu

We design our parts as multibody parts. (All components modelled together to ensure fit)  We also have several configurations of these multibody parts within the model.

We would then like to create assemblies from these multibody parts.  If we go down the save bodies route which creates indivdual parts and then an assembly, when we come to putting the assembly in a drawing for issue we come to a problem.

We obviously want different assembly drawings for each configuration as the parts do not have the same part no.  Once we have created the first assembly, if we go back to the multibody part and change to the next configuration it changes all drawings and assemblies to this configuration.


We want to :

Create mutiple configurations in mulitbody parts.

Create drawings from the multibody part (easy enough without causing any problems by selecting bodies e.t.c.)

Create assemblies of the multibody part.

Create assembly drawings of the multibody parts.


All this with mulitple configurations within the original multibody part.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.