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Dell - what to choose

Question asked by Ole Aasvestad on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2012 by Ole Aasvestad

Today's hardware is Dell Precision T5500, E5520 Xeon, 12GB RAM, Quadro FX4800, 64-bit.

Have partially every day problems with this system. Hang ups, and needed re-starts.


We use SW for simple parts and few assambles, but it getting heavy to handle cause of lot of drafts, fillets and use of extruded text in our parts.

We also do a bit of rendring.

Has received offers from dell, and need advice.

Are there any good enough?


#1Precision T5500

One Intel Xeon E5620

4GB Ram (4x1GB)

1GB Nvidia Quadro 2000 - 2DP


#2 Precision T5500

Two Xeon E5607

4GB Ram (4x1GB)

1GB Nvidia Quadro 2000 - 2DP


# OptiPlex 790 SF

Core i7-2600

16GB Ram (4x4GB)

1GB AMD Radeon HD 6450 (Not supported by SW, and need to be changed)