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    Destry Kenning

      My question is in regards to how the student copy of Solidworks can be used.  When you purchase a student copy, is that copy restricted to the only the student's computer or can that student access the copy on his/her computer and also a computer at his/her school.





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          Scott McFadden


          No, not necessarily.  But whay if it is your own personal version

          would you want to install it on a school PC?

          If you did do this understand that during the install it reads back to the SW site

          and records it to make sure it is not illegally being installed.  Plus you would have to

          use this command under the help pull down to transfer the license.



          This works on the other versions.  Assuming it works the same way on the student one as well.

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            Jeff Holliday

            I'm not sure how the student license works. For those of us using a single-seat license, we have the legal ability to install SWorks on our primary computer and 1 backup location (laptop, etc) as long as there is no usage of that license in both places at the same time. We only have to transfer the license if we install in a third location.