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Animation go to Frame number not Time

Question asked by Michael Maz on Oct 4, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by Abhinav Chauhan

Hi guys I have an animation question.


This is in reference to rendering out an animation as a series of BMP or TGA files. When Solidworks crashes is there a way to move to the time bar (in motion study) to start at a specific frame and not the time. My Solution has so far has been to be to take the frame number (before the software crashes) - 1 (taking away the first frame)/ 16 (whatever FPS I am rendering)


In this case the animation is 62 seconds and the render crashed on frame 163. So I know 164 is when the render should start but I can only put in a time which is 10.1875. SW rounds this up to 10.2 which isn't what I want.


Is there a way to control the animation by frame number and not time?