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    Please help to create a button using surfaces

    Human Studio

      Hello everyone... I am stuck up in creating a button for the handle. The internal ellipse face is flat but the outer face is having the shape of the handle and curves. Please someone tell me how to create a button to be able to place in that empty space...

      Thanks in advance


      P.S. I am attaching three photos of the ellipse and handle I am talking about.

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          Matt Lombard

          I would start by creating a boundary surface between the elipse and the edge, assuming the sides of the button should be straight.


          Then the top of the button, and there are different shapes you might use with the top, some easy, some not. But generally, for non-planar top surfaces, you might consider placing a plane at the top or bottom of the button face, depending on if its convex or concave, placing a point at the high or low point of the center of the button face. Then use a Fill surface using the elipse, with the point as a control curve.


          There are other ways that would also work, but that's the one I'd try first.