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Help choosing New machine. Workstation???

Question asked by marcelo reboucas on Oct 1, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

Hello everybody,



I need some new machines in my company. So, I need to choose one model.

We use Solidworks for design and manufacture equipments and systems. More specific we design of conveyors and industrial handling systems.


I was looking some workstations (like dell or HP) and dont know how to make a decision.

What are the benefits and performance gain for adquiring a comercial workstations instead of assembling a pc with similar components (xeon CPU , ECC memory and a quadro card)?


Then, If I choose a workstation, which one I choose?

In my aplication I have simple parts, but some times I have big assemblies with tons of rollers, bolts, and other pieces.

Like this: in a layout I can have 20 conveyors, and 10 devices(like stoppers, pushers, and pneumatics). Each device have 50 parts, eatch conveyor have 50 rollers (w/ 10 parts). So, in the total I have in one assembly 5.000 to 10.000 parts.

I dont do render at all.


So, how much RAM do I need?

Or I should choose a single single Six core 3.0 or a dual quad core 2.4Ghz?

Wich is the best brand? Wich is the performance test that I should look to compare machines?



I need some help!

Sorry for so many questions.

Thank you very much to all