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How do I copy materials in v2011 PV 360?

Question asked by Jeff Mowry on Sep 30, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by Jeff Mowry

This new interface really has me flustered.  It seems like a huge percentage of options for basic stuff (like changing/customizing scenes and materials) is hidden behind lots and lots of menus and clicks.


Here's one I've not yet decoded:  How do I copy the material I've put on one part to another part?  I ask this because it used to be as simple as CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste).  Now it copies and pastes the part itself.  Lame.  This matters, since I'll often tweak the color/illumination settings for a given material, and then need an exact duplicate for other parts.  Other than writing down all the custom settings/values (no way), I've not found any way to do this.


And I keep losing where to find the ability to simply rotate my environment relative to my part/assembly model.  Doesn't seem very intuitive to me.