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Custom Materials Shifting Appearance.

Question asked by Mark Matthews on Sep 30, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by Mark Matthews

I have custom materials saved for a project in their own folder. When I open the model, the apperances have changed; my whites are gray, and my illumination settings for the material get changed. But they are only changed until I go and edit the material. Just the act of calling up the material editor flips the material to be what it should be. If I call up a new camera the materials lose their settings again. The difference can be sublte and I didn't notice till I was setting up another camera and thought "why is this material looking so much darker now?". I then went to deit the material and it just flipped. Anyone else experiencing this? I've seen that the'res an SPR on settings not sticking in photoview 2011, but not that they just changed while still having all the settings in the editor itself staying the same.