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    Why aren't my surfaces tangent?

    Brent Theobald

      When I built my sections I made certain all my sections were tangent. Why am I getting a seam?


      I've tried playing with the the normal to profile and direction vector options, but it doesn't appear to make a difference.


      The part is attached if you would like to peek at it.


      Thank you,



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          Michael Maz

          Interesting, I have come across something similar.




          I might add not all your sketches are tanget to each other.

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            Jerry Steiger



            I don't have 2011 loaded, so I can't look at your part, but just because two faces are tangent doesn't mean that there won't be an edge between them. Make a sketch with two straight lines joined by a fillet. Extrude it. You get three faces and two edges joining them.


            Jerry Steiger

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              Robert Stupplebeen

              I suggest using trying

              1. Tools>Deviation Analysis (Shows how far out of tangency the surfaces at an edge are)

              2. View>Display>Zebra Stripes.  (Displays the part as a mirror in a room painted with stripes)

              3. Tools>Options>System Options>Display/Selection>Par/Assembly tangent edge display>As phantom (shows tangent edges as dashed lines)

              I hope this helps.

              Rob Stupplebeen



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                Matt Lombard

                To start with, you're not using any end conditions, like normal to profile. That seems to be because there is a problem with some sketches, where a dir2 sketch isn't perpendicular to dir1, so SW won't assign things the way you want.


                Why are you using a combination of splines and arcs? Why not just splines? Sketch 5 and 6 should just be a single spline, as well as 4, 8 and 15. I would get rid of 15. See how it sits at an angle to the "fillet"? If you really intend a fillet, this part should be done differently, so that the fillet works more like a fillet, not trying to make a fillet from angled sections.


                And then finally, the degeneracy at the center of the outer faces won't help you make anything smooth.


                Working in this way requires an entirely different way of looking at modeling. It's not easy, and SolidWorks isn't really built for this kind of stuff, but you can often make it happen once you learn enough tricks.