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    Scan to 3D

    Adam Stadelmann

      I am trying to import VERY large point clouds of buildings into Solidworks.  Has anyone tried this yet?  I tried importing a small scan and I can do that, but when I do that it with the large scans my computer dies.  I assume that I need to have a very large and powerful computer.  anyone have any luck with large 3D scans.

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          Mans Collner

          How many points does your large pointcloud have? Filesize?

          If posible post it here so can someone check it for errors?


          A normal new'ish worksstation handles quite large point and mesh-files. I work regulary with filesizes 20 - 30 MB. Will check point/poly-number when I get a large scan next time.

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              Adam Stadelmann

              I have a scan that is only one scan that i got from my vendor.  I would be doing like 70 or so of these and this one is 165mb.  I’m guessing it is going to be to much for SolidWorks to handle however no one seems to be able to quantitate the size that SW can handle. I was hoping someone has tried this before.  I’m guessing I might be one of the pioneers on files this size.


              This one 165mb file took quad core processer with 8gb of ram and a 2 gb graphics card to a screeching halt.  We then tried it with only 46% of the original file and it still wouldn’t do it. If you want to try the scan you are open to it but I think I’ve tested the limits of SW with a more “standard” work machine and it won’t handle what I need.

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              Hi Adam,


              I have successfully brought in 7M points. I think it is only limited by the amount of memory you have. Currently I'm on Win7x64 with 8G of memory.