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Sketch dimensions - Values stray off the sketch plane.

Question asked by Randy Petrongelli on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by Dave Lelonek

Hello all,


I'm having this problem in one of my parts. It's a bit hard to explain. Whenever I am sketching and I add dimensions, the dimension values don't stay on the same plane as the sketch when rotating/zooming/panning.


The first picture is just as I'm placing the dimension, as you can see something is already wrong. sometimes numerals are missing, sometimes they aren't.


The second and third picture are when rotating the view, as you can see the values for the dimensions go off the sketch plane. Sometimes they snap back after I stop rotating, sometimes they stay on a different level or dissapear all together.


(here I am rotating the part toward me)


Look at the values in the top right corner of this picture.



I haven't been able to find a way around it other than editing the part in the assembly, where everything works normally. So I can get around it just fine but I don't usually edit fully in the assembly so it's been annoying me.


One of our AE's are stopping by tomorrow, maybe I'll ask him to take a look at it. I have to also check if the other workstation does the same thing or if it's just my mine. Anyone have any ideas? I haven't changed any settings lately.