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Using Template to create Project Folder issue

Question asked by Robert White on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by Wayne Matus

I have created a template that creates a folder structure within a particular folder; however, the 'Project Number' is a value that I need the user to type in and is set to be unique under the Vault Variable list.


When the user puts information into the template, all of the Client Info variables are mapped correctly and show up on the folder card and the Project Folder is named Project Number-Client as it should be.


If I enable the Project Number variable mapping on the Files and Folders section of the Template Wizard, (Select Project Folder ->RMB ->Properties->Copy Variables) then get out of the template and attempt to create a new project in the vault,  I get the following warning:




This results in the folders not being created.


I have tried not having the Project Number as part of the folder and this didn't change anything. Is there something special you have to do on the Template or Folder data cards to accept the value when the variable is 'unique'?


Also- the Vault variable is Project Number (SolidWorks out of the box settings), the Template variable is ProjNumber.


Thank you!