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    Help with spline

    Adam Clear

      Hi i am following a tutorial on how to build an audi r8 in solidworks to build up my knowledge on surface modelling, i have come to a point where i am stuck, i am trying to achieve the spline in the outcome in the picture below, and as you can see from my pictures this is the result i am having, the correct spline is a smooth curve along the blueprint, my spline is coming out completely wrong and no matter what i do i cannot get it smooth along that blueprint line, i have attatched the part file aswell if someone could please explain on how to achieve this smooth line



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          Jerry Steiger



          As you have discovered, working with splines can be very fussy and maddening. For your particular example, placement of the splines points is critical. Try initially placing your points as close as you can to the points in the original spline. If you start out with them spaced far away from the final point, the spline distorts as you try to shove them together.


          More critically, I suspect that the original spline has perpendicular relationships at the two ends. The top end is probably perpendicular to the arc across the top and the lower end is probably perpendicular to the vertical construction line on the left.


          Personally, I would see if you could get by with only three points in the middle, as I usually have better luck with the minimum possible number of spline points.


          Jerry Steiger

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            Jerry Sharber

            Is this what you are trying to do?  See attached.  If so, then you will need to Tools....Sketch Entities....Spline on a Surface.


            Jerry SharberR8_Body.JPG