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    smart selection in 2007

      Thanks for the quick reply, I'll try this out tomorrow. I can send the model to my VAR also.
        • smart selection in 2007
          Matt, Smart Select and Contour select have been replaced with a more versatile tool called the SelectionManager. It currently is only available for lofts, sweeps and boundary features (but we'll expand it to other features in future releases.)
          When you edit your loft/s profiles or guides, RMB and you see the selection manager at the top of the RMB menu. If you pin it, you should always have it available when doing the same thing you did (but much more) when editing profiles and guide. You can read more about it in your online help.
          As far as your 2006 features failing, our development needs to look at those ASAP. Can you please submit your file to your VAR so that we can have a look at the issue and try to resolve it. If you don't have a VAR you can email it to me and I'll submit it myself.


          Mark Biasotti
          • smart selection in 2007
            I'm an industrial designer and use surfacing a lot. I just installed 2007, primarily to try out the freeform surfacing tool. But on opening some models saved in 2006, on average half the lofts in each model fail. On further investigation these appear to be lofts where I've used Smart Select to pick multiple edges, and when I try to repair them it seems smart select is no longer available (in 2006 it's on the right mouse button if you click the edge being selected). Has anyone else noticed this? I tried looking at the SPR's for 2007 but couldn't see anything...