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Having Trouble With Contact Sets in Assembly Simulation

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by Samuel Haworth

I have a hitch stub that is welded to a large heavy blade and no matter what I define - component contact or contact set I have several items that have no stress while the parts they are welded to are experiencing half their yield strength in stress. I am relatively new to Simulation at the assembly level but I have had success with most of my contact sets by using the "bonded" type.


You'll notice that one 'wing' as we call them is under quite significant stress while the other has absolutely no stress. This wing has two fixed surfaces on the far top right of the image - the same as the other wing, which essentially puts one wing under compression, and one under tension as the simulation was to pull the hitch at 45 degrees.


Can anyone speculate why this isnt working as expected?