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Changing notch dimensions in flat

Question asked by Zelio Ferrarini on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by Zelio Ferrarini

Hi everyone.

I am using SW2010 and trying to make a sheet metal starting from the flat I already have.

In the jpeg I have attached, you can see the flat (14 GA = 0.0747” thick x 2.75” x 36.865”) and the final section: these cannot change.

My boss wants to use a K factor of 0.250001473 (not 0.25 …. too easy), so I made it how you can see in the top view, which is close enough to real part.

My problem is the notch. SW gives me dimensions bigger than what we do (see detail A): the top number is what I get from SW and the bottom number is what we do and what it should be.

Is there any way to change this notch without changing the flat and the final section?

I can give up a little the overall dimensions in the top view, but I need the dimensions of the notch.

I tried to change the radius .125” in the top view to a smaller value so the notch gets smaller, but I don’t get close to what I need.

Any suggestion??

I have attached the jpeg + the SW part + the SW drawing.

Thank you