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    Importing Inventor Assemblies

      Our company has taken on a large project from another designer. This designer did all of his work in Inventor 8. I can import all of his part files and convert them to SW files without too much problem, but how can I import all of his assemblies so that I can not only view them but also modify them? In other words, is there a way that I can get everything into SW and thus be able to modify a part and the assembly is updated with it?

      And then there's drawings. Is there a way I can do this with drawings as well?

      Thanks in advance....Mike
        • Importing Inventor Assemblies
          Have the designer export the assembly from Inventor as STEP or Parasolid or Acis.

          For drawings.....you'll have to have the design export the drawing as Dwg...then import that into Solidworks. It won't be linked though.

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