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Solidworks will not open the design table in excel

Question asked by Jarrett Johnson on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by Jake Rooney

So I think I need to do some configuration of some form or another.  I loaded solidworks a few months ago and finally just loaded Office 2010 here tonight.  I went to modify the design table I have in an existing design but the table will not open on it's own [right click, open table in new window....  nothing happens.] I believe this must have something to do w/ the order in which the programs were installed. [excel coming last]


If I open excel with just a blank sheet and then go back to Solidworks and open the table in the new window.. it opens but then when I close it in excel.. it doesn't 'kick' back to solidworks and allow me to do additional work on the file. Infact, I have to kill SW from the task manager.  If I open the excel work sheet in SW [excel has to be open in the background] I can open it but I cannot 'close' it [the green checkmark is still there]. 


Is there something I need to do to enable SW to access excel directly?