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    Variables updating, but workflow not transitioning

    Robert White

      I have an ECO workflow in which users select check boxes which reference different departments. When a document arrives at a particular department, the Supervisor Checks-out the ECO, navigates to an 'Approval' tab on the data card, then places a checkbox in their respective department (assuming they want to approve the ECO).


      The issue I'm having is when the user checks out the file and places the 'Approval' checkmark on the data card, saves the changes on the card, then Checks the file in, the automatic transitions which are setup to look for the approval variable don't activate. The checkmark updates the variable in the word document and on the data card; however, it seems like EPDM doesn't want to verify if the transition is possible.


      Any ideas on what could be occurring? EPDM 2011 SP0

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Confirm the user checking in the file has "Permit" rights for that automatic transition.


          An easy test is to see if that user can manually push that file through the transition. If he cannot, it is a rights issue.

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            Wayne Matus

            What type of variable is the check box tied to? It should be a Yes/No. and the condition should be a 1 for when it is checked.

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                Robert White



                All of the checkbox variables are Yes/No for the 'Affects' area and the 'Approve' area; however, I noticed that in some iterations of this, the file properties in Word get changed from 'Yes/No' to 'Number'


                In all cases, when the document is created through the template, the checkbox values shown on the Preview card are 0/1 values. Shown here:






                It seems that my transitions may not be setup right; however, I'm not sure how the following is incorrect:



                I understand this to mean that-

                If ECOpurchApp AND ECOpurch are 'Yes' then it will automatically perform the transition


                if ECOpurch is 'No'. The transition will occur automatically.


                Thank you for your assistance!

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                    Wayne Matus

                    The default is And. If you need an Or, you create an Or folder. if any one of the conditions in the Or folder are true then the Or folder is true.


                    So in your image, if either of the conditions in the top Or folder are true and the condition in the bottom folder is true, then the condition is true.


                    Check out this thread for how you can handle it.



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                      Brian Dalton

                      You have the OR function backwards.  What you have specified is this:


                      If either ECOpurchApp OR ECOpurch are 'Yes'


                      ECOpurch is 'NO'


                      then the transition will occur.  Since ECOpurch cannot be both Yes and No, the transition would only occur when ECOpurch is 'No' AND ECOpurchApp is 'Yes'.


                      Whenever you create an OR container, all conditions within that container are ORd together, and all ORs are ANDed together.  Unfortunately you cannot place two or more conditions within an OR container then have them ANDed to each other.  You probably cannot do what you're trying to do using conditions alone.


                      For something like this, create two parallel automatic transitions; one will have two conditions 'ECOpurchApp = Yes' AND 'ECOpurch = Yes'.  The other will have one condition 'ECOpurch = No'.  The OR function is thus created by having to possible parallel paths.

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                    Robert White

                    Wayne and Brian- Thanks for your help! I've got it now:


                    In my 'Alert' Transition (Upcoming Dept. needs to be notified that a document needs their approval)


                    ECOelec is Yes


                    • ECOpurchApp is Yes (Previous Dept. approved change)
                    • ECOpurch is No (User didn't select the previous dept.)


                    This enables Elec dept.-only request to be made and notify them; however, it stops 'Company-Wide' approvals from progressing until the previous dept. has made their approval.


                    In a seperate transition, I have:

                    ECOelec is no


                    • ECOpurch is no
                    • ECOpurchApp is no


                    This allows all states not relevant to the previous and upcoming departments to progress through the workflow as well as allow previously approved departments to pass if the previous departments were selected by the user and were approved by the relevant department supervisors.


                    Again, thank you all for your help.