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Modify Spline with points file?

Question asked by David Stuart on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by David Stuart

Hi All,


First post here, so sorry if this is in the wrong section...


I am from a Pro_Engineer background and recently started using solidworks for work. I have a points file (x,y,x) which I have successfully used to create curves, however my understanding is that I cannot use curves as sections for a revolve/extrusion...


In Pro Engineer, a points file can be used to modify a spline curve within a sketch. By drawing a spline on a sketcher coordinate system, and selecting to modify from a .pts file which is very similar to the coordinate .txt file solid works can read. ProE then modifys the spline curve in much the same was as SolidWorks creates a curve through X,Y,Z, however as its in a sketch the modified spline can be used to define revolves/sweeps/blends extrudes etc...


Is there a way to achieve this in solidworks? Or am I unaware of a method to use curve through XYZ (from insert curve menu) as a 'sketch' for defining sections of a feature?


I know I can sketch a spline on the "curve through XYZ" manually, however I have a file containing point corrdinates (a large number of points) and need to have the spline exactly through these points.


Thanks in advance for any ideas/help. Any more info needed?