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PhotoView 360 integration

Question asked by Michael Jablonski on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2011 by Rob Rodríguez

When rendering a part or assembly in PV360 (I am using standalone PV360 with SW2010 and DBWorks), the only way to output the files for PV360 is to Pack N Go the parts and assemblies, save them completely "offline" (turn off DBWorks Add-in) and then render the parts. This avoids conflicts with production parts and drawings. (DBWorks is very powerful and will search all over your network for the correct files it needs.) If this is not done, any changes made to the assemblies by other designers come through into PV360 and thus mess up any render settings for color and materials as all these setting are saved with the original SW part files, not as a seperate file type.

With the integration of PV360 in SW 2011, would I still have the same issue? Having to move all the parts and assemblies "offline" out of DBWorks and SW's way?

Does the integrated version of PV360 save it's own file types that can be saved and brought back later for revision?