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    Revision Symbol grayed out

    Ed Burris

      I'm doing some revisions on some drawings in SolidWorks R2010, SP0.  There is a Revision Symbol on the Annotations toolbar, but it's grayed out.  I looked at the "Help" file and it speaks at length about "Revision Tables", but all I want is the symbol.  Can I get the symbol without all the other bells and whistles?  If not, I've got one on the title block, as part of the Sheet Format, but when I cut'n'paste it, it's at the wrong scale, and I can't find any way to scale it.  What must I do; whatever MUST I do???  Thanx.

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          Wayne Tiffany

          You can insert a table and that will probably ungrey the icon.  Or you can insert a note and put a triangle border around it.


          But why would you want a rev triangle without a table that explains what that triangle is?



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            Scott McFadden


            The short answer is "NO".  The revision symbol is driven based on the rev

            from the inserted revision table.  Another point to know is if you do place

            rev symbols on your drawing and want to delete one, it will not allow you to

            delete just one.  It will force the issue of deleteing all of them and if you don't select

            properly, the rev table can be deleted as well.


            So with all of that said, my suggestion would be to either create with skethced lines

            and text to formulate a block, or create the rev leter and in the property manager

            select the boundary of a hex.  At least these methods will allow you do do as you described above.


            Also take a look at my own thread that speaks to my own issues with the rev symbol.

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              Leobardo Espinosa

              Try this, it worked for me. I have several drawing documents with multiple pages because each page has a different configuration and each one has its own revision.