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FX580 video card is good enough for complicated plastic parts ???

Question asked by Christian Chu on Sep 23, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2011 by Anna Wood

I have Dell T3500 system with FX580 video card

I'm runing Sw2010 Sp5 on Win7  64 bit with 8 gb ram

I hae problem with assemblies with about 200 parts or less - most are plastics with drafts

Problem #1: part's color suddently is suddently changed to dark color

Problem #2: Draft analysis is stop working - I mean the dialog box is not appeared when I click the draft analysis icon

So for those who have Dell T3500 with F580 video card : do you have the same problem as I have

And FX580 is good enough to run draft analysis for complicated plastic parts?

Someone here has said FX570 or 1700 is good enough - high end video card is just a waste of money - is it true???

Thx, Chris