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    Does anyone out there use Print Stamping for Controlled Documents?

    Stuart Price

      I just wanted to get some input from people that might be using print stamping for controlled documents. Since EDrawings doesnt have that ability what are you using at your company. What are the pros and cons? How hard is it to implement. Are you having to hire someone to help you set it up?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Have you investigated simply using a watermark? Works very well for SW files. http://www.3dvision.com/wordpress/index.php/2008/02/07/ez-solidworks-watermark/


          You can have your EPDM workflow transitions update the file property.

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            Andries Koorzen

            Hi Stuart. I have had many queries of the same nature.


            @Jeff / @Lee...While I am a fan of both your sites, unfortunately watermarks / pdf's will not suffice. The problem is that when a 'date' watermark is used for printing, the date is not up to date, whereas pdf's just clutter the vault with files + additional requirements


            E.g. I would like to print a drawing. Everytime I print it, the date when it was printed should be on the drawing as well (maybe somewhere on the title block or on the border). While edrawings allows the updating of watermarks, the problem is to put a 'date' property on the title block that is always 'Today's date'.


            This is not currently possible, even with EPDM, because a date property can only be updated with transitions, which is overkill for people on the shop floor. I simply what them to click on the preview, load the edrawing version in EPDM, then RMB -> Print to get an updated drawing with the current date on it.


            Unfortunately AutoVue (Oracle) is not an option for us, because it costs in addition to EPDM, so a simpler, cheaper solution is desireable. Does anyone out there know how to modify (if possible) print drivers to print the date on only *.slddrw files?


            I would be very interested to see how this can be done. Perhaps by running a SQL query to update the file date? That would not require the file to move through a transition! Interesting...

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                Jeff Sweeney

                If you are looking for simply adding a print date, check your printer's manual. I've seen many top of the line printers that can do this.


                If your printer can't do it, there are print driver add ons too...I just Googled: "printer time date stamp" and got pages of hits.


                Worst comes to worst, I've written custom applications that add text just before printing, then the file is closed without saving the text. So customization can always be an option.

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                    Stuart Price

                    Heres my update:


                    I found another 2D / 3D viewer like AutoVue and is cheaper and you dont have to rely on special print drivers, add-ons or special programming. Retails for around $495 per seat and you save the price on a seat if you buy 10 network licenses. The name of this software is Myriad GL and is available through Informative Graphics Corporation. So far I am very pleased with this viewer. It allows me to print watermarks or view watermarks on screen. It will also let me add the exact print phrase I need plus the date, time, and users that printed the documents. it works with 98 percent of CAD files and all Office files and most image files. It also puts the print stamp onto exported files as well (ie, pdf, tiff, jpg). This is a much better viewer than EDrawings. This viewer is what EDrawings should be. "Complete.


                    All a plant would need is to dedicate a single computer with this application and have it tied to a printer that can do 8.5x11 and 11x17 and put it in a localized area in the shop. You could also buy a cheap (used Black & White) HP plotter as well for your C and D sizes. It would essentially become a print station for shop docuements only. That way your shop personnel can print out the most recent document as soon as they get a new work order.


                    If you have buyers that are sending out pdfs of drawings, include them on the purchase as well and have their system setup for watermarking and print stamping for those controlled documents to be sent out to vendors.


                    Thanks for everyones comments. I have taken all of them into consideration while on this quest for print stamping. We just prefer to work with software that doesnt require special programming.