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PV360 / Modo - interior lighting challenge

Question asked by Jonathan Ridley on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2011 by Jonathan Ridley

I am working to replicate a room with recessed lighting as you can see from these photos. I have attempted to get an acceptable result but have found it quite difficult. Any of the experts(Ron, Rob, Paul, Mark, etc) feel like you can share how this can be done with either PV360 or Modo + SW kit?


I have attempted to create a solid model light LED to look real and also cast realistic light on the wall and to the interior room, but despite adjusting all the variables (Bloom, caustics, direct lighting and scene lighting) only obtained marginal results. I think the best results would be obtained from creating a spot light, but as we all know you can not pattern a Spot light for some unfortunate reason (despite my ER).


Any suggestions are sincerely appreciated.