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    students moving task pane and toolbars

    Dave Papenhaus

      I am new to Solidworks, and currently some of my students are moving the task pane and some tool bars down on the screen to where we can see the icons, but the actual pane is below the bottom ribbon on the monitor.  How can I get the tool bars and task plane back up onto the screen so that it is usable?



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          John Sweeney

          Hi Dave,

          There should always be a pixel or two that you can grab for dragging.  However, you could try putting the Microsoft Start bar into "auto-hide" mode and it would expose more of your desktop.  If you have a fairly recent version of SolidWorks, you could also try changing your screen resolution while SolidWorks is running.  Any floating/undocked window in SolidWorks should readjust its position when it detects a screen resolution change, laptop undock action, unplug of a dual monitor, etc.

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            Scott McFadden


            Welcome to the forum,

            Also make sure under the view pull down the task pane is checked.

            Once you get the task pane back into place you can pin it down.

            Also may be a good idea to save the settings using the copy settings wizard.