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Anyone using AutoVue for print date, time etc.?

Question asked by Stuart Price on Sep 22, 2011

Hello Everyone:


I would like to hear from all that are using Oracle AutoVue for Printing a custom footer with the time, date on different file type formats (.dwg, .dgn, .slddrw, .doc, .pdf, etc.).


Currently the management of the company I work for wants us to be able to have a custom footer like this to read on the bottom of a document when it is printed from our vault. Heres my example (Note: This document is only valid for 24 hrs. after printing.  Time: 10:00.00  Date: 09/22/2011)


I posed this question to our VAR and they responded that we either try to do custom programming or use Oracle AutoVue. I have done some testing with AutoVue so far and I am able to set this up exactly as above. The VAR did send me a snapshot of how to make AutoVue the default viewer by going into the registry and make some setting changes.


Its too bad EDrawings cant do this.


Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.