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Installing PDMW: Do Not Have Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin in Start Menu

Question asked by Paul Costales on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by Paul Costales

Way late to the party here, but thought I'd try to install PDMW and see if we like it before getting pressured by our sales guy to buy EPDM.  I've found some good Youtube videos on how to install it.  I am for now trying to install it on my comptuer as a test before bothering our IT guys to install it on our server.


I already have SW 2011 SP 4.0 on this computer and well as SW Explorer, although when I go to Add Remove Programs, I do not see that Explorer is installed.  When I install PDMW, I never get the option to install SW Explorer, and so I do not get the option to do Vault Admin in SW Explorer.


I'm afraid at this point my only option is to uninstall my SW installation, because I cannot find a way to uninstall Explorer or update Explorer.  Any advice? I have attached what my Start Menu looks like and what my Add Remove looks like.