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    Save Animation As AVI?

    Aaron Moncur

      Hi All,


      Has anyone been able to get the "save to AVI" option to work when running an animation of a simulation?  I'm just doing a simple linear static simulation, but can't figure out how to actually save the animated displacement to an AVI.  I place a check in the "save to AVI" box, then select my save to directory path, set the compression options....then what?  I don't see a button that actually says "save".  I click the green check in the animation window, but that just seems to close the animation window and not save anything. 





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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Aaron: I have rountinely experienced issues with this functionality, esp. the compression codecs, frame rates, and other settings that do not appear to be present. It appears very difficult to control what you're getting in terms of file size, playback hesitation issues, and pixel quality.

          For that reason, I bought and use SnagIt for screen capture work www.techsmith.com). It has a video screen capture, too...and it just works. There is a 30 day free trial. I know SolidWorks Corp uses the Camtasia software from them, too. It is superior in functionality, since it is dedicated to that - getting accurate screen captures that are NO HASSLE for the end-user. I was previously with a VAR and we used it there, too. BTW, I don't get a referral fee - it's just good software that is well worth the money (about 50 bucks, but you can use it for 30 days for free).




          Hope that helps. It really does work well (I create simulation videos for GoEngineer on their YouTube channel).


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            Randy Miller

            I too had problems with this.  After some trial and error the following worked for me.  It may not have the quality that Anthony gets with SnagIt but it is good for quick and dirty.  Here's what I did on SolidWorks 2011:


            Display the results you want to animate by double clicking in the results folder of your study.

            Right click on results you want to animate, then select "Animate..."

            Under "Basics", click the stop button and select number of frames and speed.

            Under "Save as AVI file", click the check box and select file location.

            Click the play button (left of the pause button which is left of the stop button you clicked above).

            You should get the following in the "Message" window (highlighted yellow).



            Creation of Frames Completed

            Creation of AVI File Completed

            Playing Animation...



            Viola!  Good luck.

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              Richard Coia

              I've had to create a few animations of my FEA recently and found that using the SW codecs results in very poor quality videos.  So I use the uncompressed frames option - large file size - and then import that into Microsoft Expression Encoder to make the size, quality, etc I am after.



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                Aaron Moncur

                I'm going to add my plug for SnagIt.  $50 well spent.  Great screen recording (you can control the quality).