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Using Variables on Different Tabs of Excel with Enterprise PDM

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Sep 21, 2011



We use excel for our Bill of Materials.  I have a template that utilizes variables from a folder card for a particular project to populate a dozen or so document properties in the BOM when it is created.  The BOM follows a workflow that modifies some variables as it goes along; ie. checked by, date checked, revision number, etc.


Quite often there will be a couple configurations of the BOM that will just be shown on different tabs (worksheets) in the excel file.  When the tab is created (copied, edited and then renamed) it has all the variables that was on the original worksheet.  When ever there is an update to a variable, because of the workflow, it will show up on the original tab but it will not show up on any of the new tabs.


I was expecting one of two things.  Either they would automatically show up on every worksheet as long as it had a named cell for it or there would be somekind of check box to indicate that this is to be on all worksheets.  But I just don't see it.


We are using Office 2007, a combination of XP and Windows 7, SW & EPDM 2012 SP4.  I'm trying to stay away from programming and macros if possible.  Any ideas?