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    Getting files into back into the proper workflow

    Kevin Stickels

      We recently implemented EPDM and I am still learning the "in's" and "out's" of the software. Created Workflows and copied files into the vault. I then had to go back and disable a few approval transitions to process the files to an "Approved/ Released" state per the request of management. Now, I am attempting to process the files through the workflow "normally" with approvals, up-revving, notifications, etc. However, whenever I try to change the state of the file(s) in question, the command is "greyed out" and I cannot change the state. Anyone out there with any thoughts as to a direction? I am currently stumped. Also, is there a way to change which workflow a file starts in when it is placed in the vault? Thanks all...

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          Stephen Lapic

          We had this issue, too, a while back when we made the transition.  What we did was to add a "New Workflow Link" into the work flow where the files are stuck.  This was used for files that were stuck in the wrong workflow since we had several different workflows. We limited the permissions to admin so no one else could use it. But it almost sounds like you are in just one workflow.  If that is the case just give yourself permission to move the files or log in as admin and move them.


          As for where a file starts in the workflow, there is a button on each of the states that says initial state.  Which ever one you want to your process to start at is the one that should be selected.


          Hope this helps;