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Replacing Sketch Entity

Question asked by Rhys Gardner on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by Larry Davis

Hi guys,


I have a basic sketch with a line and and arc which is very early in my feature manager tree as it defines the body of my model. (Hence there is al whole stack of features attached to back end of it.


Through out the design process our client has decided thewy want to change the appearence of the design so that means my orignal 'arc' now need to be a spline (and a line for another concept). If i go into the sketch, delete the arc and add a spline i get a warning that other features many be effected. Now i need to work my way through every feature (many features) and redefine them.


Now i'm new to SW and love it, but am fearful that i can't replace that originall arc with a different entity (i'm talking about the references attached to it!) In Pro engineer there is a replace command the replaces the 'sketch entity' with the new one and this includes all the children and affected features now take on the geometry from the 'said arc and use the new spline' and hte fulle fully regenereates.


An solutions or even a work around that allows me to get out of this easier than running through every feature in the model and possibly in other models too and i'd be SO pumped.


Profesional designers face this issue all the time i'm sure! I'd love to know how it's tackled in SW.


Thanks again ALL