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Loading a part with swx explorer from pdm workgroup takes too long

Question asked by Tibor Ganswindt on Sep 20, 2011

Hello there,


I have a problem with an installation of SWX2011 SP4.



SWX2011 SP4 Standard 32Bit Intallation

SWX Explorer with single licence for PDM Workgroup




When I try to load a part file from PDM with the exlorer it takes very long until it gets displayed in SWX. The starting time can be reduced, when SWX is already started but it may still take 5 Minutes for a single Part.

When I preview the file in the explorer with the eDrawings component the explorer hangs up (for a longer time with the interface frozen) completely when trying to load this file to SWX. This also happens for local stored files.



Any advise to this problem?