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    Cosmosflow Skim boad

    Marilyne Boeglin



      I would like to simulate the fluid under the skimboard like this website:




      I think the simulation is external.

      Can someone help me for the boundary condition. I am a little bit lost, which surfaces need to be select for the inlet velocity air and also for the inlet velocity water.

      And what is the intial condition 1.


      Thank you for your help.


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          David Harrold

          Hi Marilyne,

          Neat problem, and not an easy one to solve.

          I have found that external flow problems are tricky - especially when it comes to applying boundary conditions, and especially for multi-fluid problems like this one, which has water and air.


          You may want to try creating a "fluid boundary" that encompasses the problem you wish to solve. It can be a simple box, where the bottom is the sand and the top is the sky. Envision a wind tunnel. This way you'll have an internal problem and it may be more obvious where to apply the initial conditions and boundary conditions for the air and water. I don't know exactly how to solve this particular skimboard problem, but this is how I would approach it at least. Hope this is somewhat helpful!