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tilt force

Question asked by Michael Ge on Sep 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by Roland Schwarz

I am suppose to stimulate and show the effects of tilting of a solar panel. I have already created a model that shows tilting by using static stimulation. However, the problem with static stimulations is that the force on the solar panel is constant and the solar panel is constantly being pushed by the force and you have no idea how much the object is being tilted.


I need to figure out in SolidWorks how to show the miminal force that is nesscary to tilt an object. In other words, just as the effects of tilting is happening, I want solidworks to stop the stimulation and tell the user that tilting has happened.


My professor said this should be a nonlinear stimulation or some kind of transient analysis in solidworks.


please help me


thanks a lot

ps i have the hand calculations done already, but my professor wants me to do it in solidworks