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Problem with FEA due to beam w/ bend and Trim/Extend treatments

Question asked by Grant Gille on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by Aaron Moncur

I am trying to conduct FEA on the Chassis of the File attached.  I am unable to complete this due to problems incountered during the mesh creation.  When I try to generate the mesh for a drop test I get a message stating "Mesh creation failed for the following 2 parts".  I am able to fix some of the problems, but others I am not and the mesh can not be created. 


When I "Create Mesh" for a new study static analysis, two straight beams in the front of the chassis and the two top curved beams disappear.  If I "Mesh and Run" on a static analysis I get an error message "The section properties of the beam is incorrect.  You can correct the neutral axis to get the correct section properties or exclude the beam from analysis or treat the beam as a solid."  I am not sure how to correct the neutral axis for these curved beams or how to correct these problems so that I am able to mesh and run an analysis.


Thank you for any assistance with this issue.