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    Global Contact (-Bonded-)

    Robert Strickland

      Hello.  I have a number of solid components in a rigid assembly and I have extracted midsurfaces for each. This makes all my geometric relationships have errors. If you want global bonded contact applied to a mesh in which all the components are shells, do the mates used between each component still need to be in the model?

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Robert.

          No. I  usually end-up creating a special configuration for FEA (in the assembly, and at part level), then applying a "fixed" condition to each of the parts with errored mates (right click on the part in the tree, and choose "fix" as a configuration-specific condition). Then, the fouled mates will suppress themselves in that configuration, and you don't have an ugly tree to look at, and you can switch back and forth between the different configurations for reference.

          I use the "fix" condition as a safety measure in case I accidentally bump into a part with the mouse cursor, and move the part without knowing it.

          The whole bit about creating special configurations for FEA models is a book-keeping excercise that can save a lot of headaches down stream.

          Hope that helps.