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removing constraints (time curve controlled) in a nonlinear analysis

Question asked by Steve Fiacchino on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Robert Smith

I have a nonlinear analysis with pressfits where I am tring to investigate two items. Item #1 total assembly delfection; item #2 contact pressures of press fits during loading. So what I am attempting to do is apply constraints on the assembly as needed during the inital steps of the anlaysis for the shrink fits to be applied, and then remove the constraints (using a time curve) to allow the assembly to respond to the applied external loads correctly. Has anybody done this before (removing constraints after shrink fit)? the results I am getting seem to indicate the the contraints in question are not being reomved (comparing static results to nonlinear results) It seems, without the inital constraints, the shrink fit contact condition will not solve, and with the initial constraints, the assembly will not respond correctly to external loads. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.