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SW 2010 SP 4.0 - Random & Inconsistant CPU usage with PV360 - Not Modo 501

Question asked by Jonathan Ridley on Sep 19, 2011

I have a Dell t7400 with 16 gigs of RAM and the Quadro 5600 graphics card. I have been working well for months and today the CPU is going from 15% to 100% when I am working with SW and rendering with PV360. When rendering it should be at 100% as normal but today it is going between 15% and 100% but mostly at 15%.


I do have Modo 501 + SW add in kit and there are no CPU problems it is consistently at 100%.


The only different thing today was a MS Windows update notification. The problem was seen before the update and after. I have even restarted twice.


It looks like it could be isolated to a specific assembly that I made with a master environment assembly (with a back drop and lights) and added another assembly to it for rendering. All individual files open and render fine but this one final assembly for rendering.


Any suggestions?