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Save selected sheets as eDrawing.

Question asked by Maynard Viersen on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by Maynard Viersen

i 'm trying to figure out how to save a drawing as an e-drawing, but only publishing selected sheets.


i know that i need to use swEdrawingSaveAsOption_e.swEdrawingSaveSelected.


Then i need to set swUserPreferenceStringListValue_e.swEmodelSelectionList.


And I set the list with ISldWorks::SetUserPreferenceStringListValue.


so this is what I end up with.


swapp.SetUserPreferenceIntegerValue((int) swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swEdrawingsSaveAsSelectionOption,

                (int) swEdrawingSaveAsOption_e.swEdrawingSaveSelected);

swapp.SetUserPreferenceStringListValue((int)swUserPreferenceStringListValue_e.swEmodelSelectionList, ListValue);


So, I want to publish sheet A, B, and C.


How do I set "ListValue"  is it a string with the value of "A, B, C" or and array or is it some other format?