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Two surfaces are impinging even though "No Penetration" contact set given between them

Question asked by Krishh M on Sep 19, 2011
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I am doing this static study for a bottle housing for a external pressure of 9000 PSI. Following are the conditions I've set for this study.


All parts are mad up of same material : 6061 Aluminum.


- This is a cylindrical housing with 1/4 symmetry. So I carried this simulation for a quarter cut housing with two "symmetry" fixtures on both cut surfaces.

-9000 psi "load" given on all external surfaces.

-Inside cylindrical surface of the housing's radial and circumferential translations set to Zero


-screw "connection"s are given on both end caps...6 screws

-2 contacts sets with no penetration given between both  end caps and housing.

-Global Contact as "Bonded"


My question is: Eventhough I set "no penetration" contact set, why both end caps are encroaching into the housing??


I have conducted same study without "screw connections' and Contact sets with global contact as "bonded" - same result. End caps are encroaching into the housing.


I've given all conditions I set. I am attaching pdf file for better understanding.


I coudn't understand why would it do like that. If end caps have to push into the housing, then housing too should defrom in the same way as both are of same material?? I coudln't evaluate this study?? Can somebody help me explaining why would it do like that??