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Convert Imported Geometry to a 100% Parametric Model driven by a Design Table

Discussion created by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Sep 17, 2011
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I have received some emails on the subject of how to use imported geometry (such as an assembly you receive from a supplier on STEP format) to a 100% parametric model and drive that model with a design table to produce variations of that assembly.


Attached is a compressed file (WinZIP) which contain a complete assembly for a Axial Fan Rotor which was produced using a STEP file imported into SW.  The model is done using a HYBRID methodology (in context top-down and bottom-up, simultaneously), which is driven by relations and equations inside some reference geometry sketches and then drive by a "configurator" design table.


To play with the model:


1.- Decompress the Zip file to your Computer HD

2.- Open the assembly file

3.- Open the Design Table for edit, you will see a Table that will allow you to enter the desired values for:

     - Fan Rotor Diameter

     - Number of Blades

     - Blade Pitch Angle

Enter the desired parameters (inside the limits indicated in the table) and close the design table.  The model will automatically rebuild to the new values, changing the length of the blades to fit the new values for Fan Rotor Diameter, changing the number of blades and creating a new HUB to match and positioning the blades on the new Pitch Angle you indicate.


Them take a look in detail of the parts and you will see that all of them are "imported" objects created from a STEP file, see how the HUB and the Blades have been modified to be able to use them as "top-down" parametric parts.


Notice that the circular pattern for the blades and the bolts joining the half's of the hub is defined as a pattern driven, since if defined as a regular circular pattern will not rebuild unless the feature (the circular pattern) is open manually for editing and close (a bug reported to our good friends at SW back in 2005 which still there...).


Hope this will help some of you.


M. G. Martinez

Director of Engineering



Axial Fan Parametric Assembly with DT.jpg