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Mates jump off screen when setting concentric

Question asked by Steve Krause on Sep 16, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by Steve Krause

I imagine there are some more productive tricks for mating lots of PEMs to holes in sheet metal if you use smart parts but I haven't got to that yet.


What I am doing is mating simple PEM parts that I have taken from the PEM site and I am placing them into holes created by the Hole Wizard in sheet metal.


I pick the inner wall of the PEM part,  then with the Cntrl key held down I pick the inner wall or edge of the hole in the sheet metal and select Mate from the right click.  That sets a Concenric mate.  I hit the check mark.  Then to do the coincident mate I select an edge or surface on the PEM part and with the Cntrl key held down I select the surface of the sheet metal and that part moves into place.  About 50% of the time I have to reverse the direction of the mate by selecting the icon in Mate properites window.  Very basic, very easy.


I am just wondering if there some way to get the first concentric mate to position both parts closer to each other?  It seems like the first concentric mate always moves one of the parts into a concentrically mated position that is off the screen.  This means that I have to pan or zoom around to find the part off screen to start the Coincident mate that follows that.


Frankly this is something that Inventor seems to do better than Solidworks.  And it something I do a lot of.