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Design table not adding new dimensions and parameters

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Sep 16, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by Eric Snyder

I did some work yesterday with a part and design tables. I did not finish. Today I have started working on the part.


Yesterday when I would add a sketch or a feature and then edit the design table the design table would have a dialog pop up asking me which of the newly added dimensions/parameters I wanted to add to the table. Today when I add dimensions or features the dialog still pops up but none of the dimensions or feature parameters are in the list. Is there a configuration setting or something that has changed?


My design table is set up in the default was and then I have added some inputs in some of the cells below the default configuration with inputs for the user to enter. There are a few blank cells between the default configuration and the manual inputs. Also, when I manually add a new dimension to the design table the value stays blank until I manually add a value. If I manually add a value THEN the design table links that to the model properly.


Bugs or something else?