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Question asked by Marshall Long on Sep 15, 2011
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Hey guys,


Here is the problem.  I have a design table for a part. This excel based DT has a formula for a suppression state of a fold and unfold feature. Usually if there is a formula driving the state, once inside of SW, if you try to change the state, you get an error saying that that specific cell in the DT is locked by a formula. However, this is my problem.  If i open the DT in excel, it shows me that my formula is infact working and the DT says that unfold1 and fold1 are to be unsuppressed.  When i close the DT the those two features are actually suppressed and now i can toggle the suppression state manually without an error telling me that the cell in the DT is locked. This is a huge problem because now my DT is not update these two features automatically. Thoughts?