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SWViewer 2011 error

Question asked by Jassen Miller on Sep 15, 2011


I have recently upgraded to SW 2011 and have been experiencing SW 2011 viewer errors on 32 bit XP platforms. 

The SW drawings are created on 64 bit windows 7 platform, files are loaded onto network for others to launch viewer and view on the older XP PCs.


The 2011 SW viewer will launch and display the files correctly only if installed locally on the XP 32 bit PCs.

Prior to upgrading to SW 2011, the 2010 SW viewer would launch from the network without any issues on the XP platforms.


Is there a workaround so I can have the XP platforms continue to launch the 2011 viewer from a network instead of locally from their PCs?  The only solution I have so far is to PDF the files and use adobe to view the files.


error reads "SWViewer has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience".


any info would be most helpful.