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How to "convert entities" to 90 degree plane

Question asked by Bob Jones on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by Alex Morrison

I am trying to create mirrored sketch that is an exact copy(all dimensions and relations) of another sketch.


I can use convert entities to get the 180 degree copy but cannot do 90 degree's because it "projects" the entities which result in 0 length segments.


All I want is a "duplicate" of the sketch on a different sketch plane but one that mirrors the first. The first has DT dims that should be followed.


I have been able to use a parallel sketch plane first then change the sketch plane to 90 degrees. This gets me the sketch. The problem is that ONLY some line segments can be made "equal". This is quite strange behavior. I have several line segments in the first sketch and several corresponding ones in the second. When I select one segment in the first and one segment in the 2nd I cannot add any relations between.


Of course for some line segments pairs it is possible.


Since my explanation is probably not clear:


1. Use mirror entities on a parallel plane for Sketch A. This creates Sketch B which is an "Exact copy"

2. Delete the relationships created and "rotate" the plane by 90 degrees.

3. Select corresponding segments in Sketch A and Sketch B and make them "equal".


Sometimes step 3 works and sometimes it doesn't.


Maybe I can interchange step 2 and 3 but my guess is SW will still complain.


I just don't get why we can't make two segements "equal" in length. It should be possible no matter what case as long as one of them can obtain the others length.