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Graphic card and SolidWorks & 3DVIA via Remote Desktop

Question asked by Marc Honore on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Dave Laban

I am specifying a workstation to mostly run 3DVIA and some PhotoView & Solidworks.I have specc'ed a high end NVIDIA Quadro because I am working with large assemblies of over 10,000 parts and I understand that 3DVIA in particular needs a decent graphics card.  We are having a discussion here at my firm about how best to utilise the machine as I'll only need it 20-30% of my time, so some of my colleagues would prefer to have the machine as a stand-alone server where we all connect using Window Remote Desktop. My question is, if I use this sort of configuration will I get the benefit of the graphics card on the remote machine, particularly in 3DVIA, or will my local graphics card (on my very slow laptop) be used? 


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