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Show/Hide Sketch Across Configurations

Question asked by Bill Rose on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Chris Weaver

This one is driving me crazy. There are a number of things in SWx 2010 that are much more user intensive that is necessary (and changed for the worse from older versions) but this one is a major time suck for me. I hope I'm missing something obvious----


I have many parts that have multiple configurations, sometimes 20-30 configurations. When I need to make a sketch temporarily visible and select "show", the sketch is now visible in all the configurations, not just the one I'm working on. That's fine I guess, but the "Hide" portion of this command duo only works for the current config! Now I have to go into each configuration and hide that same sketch one at a time. Does this double standard have any purpose other than to make the poor user crazy? A better question is how do I hide sketches across multiple configurations without doing then one at a time? I'm fairly sure this is broken from previous releases or I would have gone nuts years ago.


I know I can just hide all the sketches but that doesn't solve the problem. If there are numerous sketches showing at one time it becomes impossible to find what you're looking for.


Thanks for any help you can supply...........